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October 19, 2011 by adam goucher

A Smattering of Selenium #66

Aside from one of the dog’s tummy making noises that imply a big mess to clean up later, this scheduling thing seems to be working out.

  • Heard someone talk about doing bitmap comparisons last week somewhere. Adaptive Images tricks I suspect are going to become more commonplace. Good luck with that. Se is best at interaction, structure and content checks; not does-it-look-the-way-some-human-intended. Robots where robots should be used. Humans where humans should be used.
  • Interacting with a Javascript confirmation from Selenium in Cucumber
  • Converting Selenium waitForCondition to WebDriverWait sends you along the path to understanding Waits in WebDriver
  • Splinter seems like a wrapper about the Python WebDriver bindings
  • Making a Mockery of TDD starts with To be a successful mockist, you must dislike mocks. which I think is just as important when doing Se. The res of the article is good too.
  • Integration Testing with RSpec, Capybara, and Selenium includes this gem

    Integration tests can be brittle if they know too much about how those components work. Proper integration tests use your application as a black box. They should know as little as possible about what happens under the hood, they’re just there to observe and interact with the interface.

  • I seem to think I already posted this, but the search isn’t finding anything. Here is a visualization of the commits to Se.
  • The GoogleWebmasterHelp channel on YouTube is full of ideas that you could include in your scripts. At least from an SEO perspective. And Google SEO at that.
  • The theme this week seems to be GIL. So here is About concurrency and the GIL which for once is about Ruby.
  • The whole ‘Facebook switching from Watir’ thing produced at least one good rebuttal; Facebook, Watir And Testing





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