A Smattering of Selenium #51

Two big releases last week…

Two big releases last week…

  • Selenium IDE 1.0.11 was released — with Firefox 4 support. Finally. And just in time for people to start agitating for Firefox 5 support. official announcement, unofficial announcement
  • Selenium 2 RC1 (and RC2) were released which marks the first official release of the new in-server grid behaviour. Even if you are not using the WebDriver API or grid functionality, you should be updating your environment to this. official announcement

And the rest.

  • Python’s super() considered super! begins with If you aren’t wowed by Python’s super() builtin, chances are you don’t really know what it is capable of doing or how to use it effectively. and goes from there.

  • Want to know what the top 100 issues that have been logged for Se according to the number of stars that have been given them? Click here and wonder no more

  • [Successful] automation is code, so Why Code Readability Matters is important. Especially since a large body of people writing automation would not consider themselves programmers so missed a large part of the implicit learnings that comes with it.

  • Tech Talk: Michael Deerkoski (Flickr) — “Continuous Deployment at Flickr” from Talks at LinkedIn on Vimeo.

  • The State of Ruby and Testing has graphs and such around some survey results around testing in the Ruby community. What is it with Ruby and their love of testing frameworks? 🙂

  • The future of testing Se-IDE lies with Mozmill. If you are interested in knowing how to run its own tests see Running the Selenium IDE Mozmill tests — and then start to add your own.

  • What is the most under-used part of Se you ask? Rollups! Which could be thought of as macros and an example can be found here. Rollups btw, will be moved into an Se-IDE plugin at some point.

  • How can I learn to automate my testing using Selenium? is designed to be Google link-bait and I can’t help but think that is a good thing. I would probably have switched Step 4 at the bottom to be ‘Create Page Objects with the help of the generated code’ or something like that. It’s not really a ‘Best Practice’ to take the raw generated code and run it anymore — if it ever really was.

  • When most people think of “the browser’s cache” they envision a single map of HTTP requests to HTTP responses on disk (and perhaps partially in memory) from Chrome’s 10 Caches shatters another idea I held. Sigh.

  • Hey, where’s my unashamedly ugly wait asks the question, then answers it. Sorta. Of course, the answer is in Java so is still ugly…

  • So does Se have a story around Symbian? Asked due to Top Smartphone Platforms in Europe

  • The depth and breadth of Python ends with Maybe I should just cancel all weekly meetings and sign off from all mailing lists and focus on two things: meeting Python users and coding. — more people should do this I think. Well, at least the first part.

  • From a SeConf2011 Lightning Talk is the Annotated Smattering of Selenium Tips

  • Integrating JUnit tests with HP/Mercury Quality Center – part one, part two

  • The Apple Testing Problem raises a good point (from Gartner! I know!) — of course, they don’t talk about the cause, which is Apple’s lack of participation in the outside world. It would be great if they would help with the automation driver for their core browser tech, but so would a lot of things that don’t seem to be likely.

  • I usually don’t link to my own stuff here, but I did a webinar for PustToTest last week and the video of it is now online. (Webinars are weird.)

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