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January 31, 2011 by adam goucher

A Smattering of Selenium #39

Hey look! All caught up — only took a month…

  • My opinions on Continuous Deployment are pretty widely known, but the IMVU folks certainly have a lot of neat tricks to ‘borrow’. Such as Buildbot and Intermittent Tests
  • Dealing with an API that returns XML? Your scripts don’t care about the readibility, but it helps you as the human if it is formatted pretty. xml formatter is a glorious time save in that case.
  • Who would have predicted this… Perl stuff
  • Since Se is using Sizzle now for locators, comes a tipnever do things like $(‘form *’). This is crazy costly, because Sizzle works from right to left. Will grab all elems first.. Not sure of the accuracy, but it makes sense.
  • Part of the debate when doing BDD and TDD is the overlap that [naturally] occurs; Duplication between BDD and Unit tests addresses it, partly be reframing the question.
  • webkitdriver is a project that aims to provide a WebDriver implementation for a light-weight in memory Web Browser
  • This week’s Selenium killer is PhantomJS
  • Achievement parodies are always amusing; here is on for Visual Studio — what would the Selenium ones look like?
  • Koans are a trendy way to learn / practice a language. Here is a Koan-a-copia of them
  • Want onto the speaking circuit? The 2011 Verify/ATI Conference is asking for presentations





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