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January 24, 2011 by adam goucher

A Smattering of Selenium #38A

No. Really. I’m almost caught up.

  • Want input in a non-english language but don’t want to convert your whole machine? InputKing might be able to help. And the fact it is in a browser means we can use it via Se.
  • HAR (HTTP Archive) is the format the cool kids are talking about, and now there is a har gem so you can make use of HAR files in you [Ruby] scripts.
  • Organizing scripts by tagging them is one bandwagon I got on last year to great success and while I don’t really live in the MS toolset, Test Categories for MSTest is likely how how I would do it MSTest.
  • Selenium won an award! Again! See the video of Se winning ‘Best Open Source Functional Automated Test Tool’
  • How a script is named is a reflection of the person who wrote it, in Unit Test Naming Convention one such style is described and the reasoning explained. Just ignore the second half of the summary’s first sentence though.
  • Michael Larson is Working his way though Selenium 1.0 Testing Tools Beginners Guide and documenting it in a series of blog posts he is calling a practicum
  • Most people use Se to create a regression security blanked, but it there are some points to be discussed around the arrogance of regression testing
  • ATDD continues to mature and the results of two different pattern workshops have now been posted. If you are using Cucumber, RobotFramework, Fitnesse, etc. you might want to pay attention.
  • It always saddens me a bit when large threads pop up on how to manage Se scripts. It’s called version control kids. But I realize I’m an outlier on this.
  • I suspect a lot of Se folks have a similar tale to How I Learned To Code





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