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November 15, 2010 by adam goucher

A Smattering of Selenium #32

For those people paying attention to the goings-on in the Selenium world, yes, I am skipping something major until some of the details are worked out and announced. Until then, here are the links I accrued over the week.

  • Selenium uses Bamboo for its CI infrastructure. This week saw an upgrade to the latest version so if you want bleeding-edge code, get it here
  • The only browser Se has no real traction on right now is the BlackBerry one. But if someone wanted to tackle it, here is a post from Atomic Object on their BlackBerry development environment that would help kickstart things maybe.
  • Under the category of ‘let the language deal with things’ is html5lib for python and php which will parse html. Sometimes it is far faster to dump your attribute checks etc. to a native parser than let Se do it.
  • Scott Sims has released Selenium Fury upon the Ruby world. Think of it as a Page Factory implementation for Ruby.
  • Using Se-IDE and Easyb? Here is a thread on how to use the generated code without modification
  • JRuby is one of the better languages to use to write Se scripts in, and here are videos from JRubyConf 2010
  • Cheezy is writing a series on UI tests. So far there is How do we keep them from being brittle? and Part Two
  • Se2 for JS? Sure, why not. webdriver-js
  • Jari release the selenium-webdriver 0.1.0 gem this week. Why the big jump from 0.0.29 to 0.1.0? We’ve merged in the selenium-client gem into the main selenium codebase and now there is a single gem if you want to do 1.x or 2.x scripting.
  • Google Refine is just darn cool. I’m not really sure how it plays into automation, but I get the sneaky suspicion it could. Somehow.
  • The YUI Test has Se built right in.





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