A Smattering of Selenium #31

The big news for last week was that I released Se-IDE 1.0.8 to very little fanfare.

The big news for last week was that I released Se-IDE 1.0.8 to very little fanfare. 1.0.9 should be a week or two and much more important a release.

  • Cheesecake! is isn’t nearly as impractical as Pacman, but still adds to the Se2 example bucket.
  • The London Se Meetup stuff from last week are starting to appear…
  • Some notes from CITCON last week as well. Seems like London was the place to be.
  • When designing automation frameworks (internal or external), the list of ways to make it hard to misuse should be kept in the back of your mind.
  • Of course your automation is under version control, right? RIGHT?!? What the Commit is rather amusing, if not a scathing satire. (hint: hit refresh)
  • Sauce Labs announced the availability of a CI API. But there is nothing to say that you couldn’t integrate their alternative annotation methods outside of CI too.
  • Harry Robinson did a session at CAST 2010 on ‘Exploratory Test Automation’ (which I missed; no, not bitter at all..) and I found his slides
  • If you are using the hosted Bamboo solution and most of your Se tests need windows, then here are instructions on how to create your own custom elastic agent image
  • Here is something fun, do you Hate or Love Se?
  • Slate seems like an interesting module for Python folks since it can parse and extract information from PDFs which is often a black hole in automation.
  • I continue to maintain that automation is programming (much to the annoyance of the classical black-box tester who is starting out with it) and that perhaps the easiest language to start learning is Python. Learn Python The Hard Way is a new book which looks like an ideal way to learn the language. I haven’t really gone through it to see which parts are more (or less) relevant to automation, but…
  • You’re cuking it wrong has lots of tips on how to write Cucumber scripts well.
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