A Smattering of Selenium #28

So we go from not-enough-stuff-to-do-one to wow-this-will-take-awhile.

So we go from not-enough-stuff-to-do-one to wow-this-will-take-awhile. And we’re off..

  • Tellurium is one of the many frameworks that absorb Se and has an article on InfoQ called Introducing the Tellurium Automated Testing Framework which, well, introduces the framework.
  • In the first of many Cucumber related posts this week is Sean Grove’s Cucumber Sauce for doing parallel Cucumber runs on the Sauce infrastructure. Might be general enough to use outside of it as well.
  • Cuke4Ninja: The Secret Ninja Cucumber Scrolls, aside from outstanding ninja cucumber images, has a dead-tree book’s work of getting starting with Cucumber information.
  • I updated the list of plugins for Se-IDE (that I know of) on the Se-HQ download page
  • Arquillian is testing framework, developed at JBoss.org, that empowers developers to write integration tests for business objects that are executed inside of an embedded or remote container–options include a servlet container, a Java EE application server or a Java SE CDI environment. Oh, and it has a Selenium (1.x RC and 2.x Se WebDriver) extensions
  • The Fall 2010 issue of Methods & Tools has an article on Bromine
  • Another piece of Cucumber news is a Skills Matter video of Gojko Adzic and David de Florinier (see Cuke4Ninja able) talking about Cucumber & Selenium 2.0
  • If you are doing automation, the right place to be running it is not the IDE but a CI server. Well, perhaps in addition to the IDE… Anyways, here is a post on Setting up a python CI server with Hudson. Now there is no excuse Python kids…
  • Parallel Testing should be this year’s automation theme. Here is how to do it in C#.
  • …and in PHP (this one, again with a bent to Sauce OnDemand, but…)
  • And yet another PHP Sauce integration.
  • Selenate is a JS 1.6 runner for Se
  • Actionscript Javascript Communication actually shows how the whole ExternalInterface stuff works when talking into Flash/Flex from within Se. I could have used this a year ago…
  • Aside from parallel stuff, I think the Decorators and their kin are nice additions to the automation toolkit. Here is one for taking screenshots on test failure in Python
  • London is having another meetup on November 3
  • The fall 2010 issue of Automated Software Testing Magazine is out. I think its kinda sad that articles on dynamic data generation still need to be written, but the ‘Testing With Reflection’ article seems to be not bad in that the message is ‘automate to learn, not to test’