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August 2, 2010 by adam goucher

A Smattering of Selenium #22

Happy Simcoe Day. Only a handful of links this week to mention.

  • Kevin relaunched Mogotestsee your website the way your users do.
  • In a much earlier Smattering I think I linked to an announcement about a Se talk at Boston.rb. Well, here are the slides
  • While not directly related to Se, the W3C has released their Unified Validator called, wait for it, Unicorn. So who is going to create the integration that magically sends pages to be validated there?
  • ‘Ad Hoc Workflows’ appears to be a plugin for Confluence, and is a user of Se. They released a video last week of their tests in action. (Make sure to have you volume up for the great soundtrack)
  • The exploration of Se 2 and Ruby gets even deeper with Adding automation to your Selenium 2.0 tests (Ruby) – oh, and RSpec and Rake.
  • Michael guest posted on this blog on How to use Selenium 2 with Maven which was a bit of a mystery as we internally changed how thing work around Maven but forgot to really communicate that.
  • Sauce Labs is having a webinar this Thursday on Cloud-Based Web Application Testing for Adobe Flex and Flash. Register now, etc.
  • Selenium browser UnitTesting from TeamCity is full of XML and C# that I’m sure would make sense to people familiar to TeamCity





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