About Selenium

Selenium is a suite of tools for automating web browsers.

History of Selenium

The story starts in 2004 at ThoughtWorks in Chicago, with Jason Huggins building the Core mode as "JavaScriptTestRunner" for the testing of an internal Time and Expenses application (Python, Plone). Automatic testing of any applications is core to ThoughtWork's style, given the Agile leanings of this consultancy. He has help from Paul Gross and Jie Tina Wang. For them, this was a day job.

Selenium Ecosystem

Over the last decade, a large ecosystem of Open Source projects have sprouted up around Selenium. This page attempts to capture some of those projects that make use of Selenium WebDriver as a central part of what they do.

Selenium can be extended in different ways. Here are a number of drivers, bindings, plugins, and frameworks created and maintained by third parties.

Support Selenium

The Selenium project is a member of the Software Freedom Conservancy, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. The Conservancy has reduced the management overhead associated with creating our own, dedicated legal entity. The majority of sponsorship funds go directly towards supporting the Selenium project, such as server, software and conference expenses.

Get involved

Selenium is certainly a team effort! There are several ways you can help out, whether you’re a programmer, designer, QA engineer, writer, project manager, or just willing to help. If you’re interested in helping, the best way to connect with us is at the Selenium Developers Group. We’ll work with you to get you set up to contribute.